About Us

   Ashon’s journey started with an aspiration to deliver an enriched experience of quality consumer goods to customers in the quest of value for money. In 1989, the notion soon turned into reality with the incorporation of Ashon Ventures (NZ) Limited. Within a short period of time, we became a competitive and resourceful distribution company offering superior quality products through an experienced team of professionals and strong network of suppliers. Ashon was predominantly targeting Polynesian consumers and later extended its reach to a broader consumer base through various channels of distribution like wholesale, retail, corner stores and institutions. After years of dedicated service, we gained accolades from retail groups and major institutions as a reliable and trusted distribution company in New Zealand.

At the pinnacle of our journey, we took another leap to develop our own brands and venture into major product categories competing with market leaders. The transformation of a distribution company to an innovative product development company is a testament of our commitment to consumer-centric approach and ability to create an efficient supply chain to develop value-added products for growing consumer demand in New Zealand.

Our philosophy of building inspired and resolute teams to strive for superior service is complementary to our vision and fundamentally driven by a collaborative approach.  A combination of thriving culture and strength of our staff has always been a major part of our success and resonates in our maxim.

Our DNA – Delivering value through affordable consumer goods.