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Pacific Crown at the Auckland Food Show 2014          

Experience the Jewels of the Pacific Crown range at the Auckland Food Show starting from 31 July 2014 to 3 August 2014 at stand E20. We will be hosting a feast of authentic and exciting flavours of Tuna samples to tantalise your taste buds. Savour the experience with your family and indulge your impulse to buy our “Food Show only” promotions for those quick and convenient snacks or meals.

Make sure you visit stand E20 to see the entire range of Pacific Crown products on display.

Ō New Zealand Natural Spring Water


From the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand comes the essence of life. The water is drawn from one of the world’s deepest, oldest and most remarkable natural spring water sources, rising naturally to the surface under great pressure allowing the ability to process without affecting the natural balance of the aquifer.
The letter O forms the perfect circle and in many countries throughout the world this letter symbolises eternity and infinity. In Maori it translates the definition of Ō as “the place of”. It is therefore fitting that we proudly name this bottled essence of life - Ō New Zealand Natural Spring Water. Available in attractive 300ml, 500ml and 1L bottle.